Sales & Marketing Multiplier

Effective affiliate programs are a high-impact, low-cost ‘force multiplier’ that drives new sales and new customer acquisitions.

The three components required are setup of affiliate program (platform and/or affiliate network), research and recruitment of affiliates, and affiliate promotion & support.

Whether you are first considering launching an affiliate program or already have one underway, we have the experience and expertise to insure a successful, profitable affiliate program with little or no impact on your time or manpower.

How It’s Done

As a Refersion Partner, we can set up the top affiliate management platform integrated directly inside your Shopify store admin.

Alternately – or in addition – we can set you up as a merchant for any of the top affiliate networks including Rakuten Linkshare, Shareasale, Commission Junction, and Pepperjam.

Once your affiliate program is set up & configured, we begin the process of finding and recruiting affiliates to promote your products.

This process includes research, outreach, and follow-up to build a strong base of affiliates who can reach your target customers for you through email, social media, advertising, and online publishing.

Finding and attracting the ‘right’ affiliates is critical to the success of your program.

We have the tools and expertise to find and sign up those ‘right’ affiliates.

In order for your affiliates to be successful in their promotion efforts, they need the right support: effective creatives, excellent copy such as email swipes, and other promotional resources.

In consultation with you, we develop the necessary resources to insure your affiliates have everything they need to successfully promote your products.

Finally, we take an active ongoing role in maintaining affiliate activity, ensuring affiliates are motivated and actively promoting your products – and continually research & recruit new affiliates.