CRO conversion rate optimization

CRO: First Things First

There are essentially two ways to boost sales: get more traffic, or convert more of your traffic into sales.

Before you spend too much time, money, and effort driving more traffic to your store, you’ll want to ensure you are able to take best advantage of that traffic.

CRO – “Conversion Rate Optimization” or just “conversion optimization” – is the means to getting the most sales & revenue from whatever traffic you get.

This should be one of the first priorities, particularly if your conversion rate is low.

Conversion optimization can, and often is, the thing that has the largest impact on your overall growth rate.

It makes your marketing more effective and increases your ROAS to such an extent you can acquire significantly more traffic, confident in the knowledge that it will convert.

How It’s Done

CRO for ecommerce in general, and for Shopify stores in particular, includes a range of tweaks, improvements, hacks, and processes.

At a minimum, there are a number of Shopify configuration settings, theme & app tweaks, product page considerations, and checkout improvements that can significantly raise conversion rates.

Beyond these basic ‘on-store’ improvements, conversions can be improved through A/B split-testing, visitor session ‘heatmap’ recordings, post-purchase surveys, abandoned cart and other email marketing improvements, and more.

Our Conversion Optimization Services

We have the technical expertise to provide a full range of conversion optimization services, from essential ‘on-store’ adjustments & improvements, to visitor recording & customer feedback, to sophisticated A/B multivariate testing.

The first step is always our custom audit & analysis where we look at and grade over 100 data points covering layout & design, user experience, site performance, and analytics. We combine that with a look at various metrics including AOV (“Average Order Value”) and customer LTV (“Lifetime Value”), traffic sources, competitive landscape, and your current marketing efforts.

Based on our audit & analysis, we then create a blueprint and propose one or more deliverables tailored to your budget and objectives.

The results are always the same: more sales & revenues from your traffic!