guaranteed results

We focus on just one thing: boosting traffic, sales, and profits for your Shopify store.

And we deliver results.

It’s even our Twitter name (“@ecomresults“) and part of our logo (“Ecommerce Results”).

It’s all we do –  and we’re very good at it. 

Good enough that we guarantee our work – and your results.

OUR REFUND POLICY: 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Simply put, if we fail to deliver results for you, you shouldn’t be paying us. After all, who would expect to pay for something – and then not receive it?

Sounds pretty basic and obvious. So why doesn’t our “competition” do this? We couldn’t tell you – but what we can tell you is, we’re not them.

We know what we’re doing, we have long experience doing it, and we’re confident enough in what we do to “put our money where our mouth is”.

Not only do we give you a guarantee, we also give you a NDA (“Non-Disclosure Agreement”) and a No-Compete Agreement.

Which means, if we work for you, we won’t work for another company that sells what you sell, and we’ll never disclose any of your info or what we’ve done for you to other clients.

We’re ready, willing, and able to maximize your traffic, sales, and profits!