[CASE STUDY: Vilacto Bio, Inc.]

We 5X’d conversions and DOUBLED sales for a client in one of the most competitive cutthroat industries: beauty & cosmetics.

And we did it in just 6 months.
(Imagine what we could do for you.)

When Vilacto Bio came to us, conversions were anemic, cart abandonment was sky-high, and they struggled to scale their sales & revenues – despite having an award-winning product line, a new celebrity partnership launch, and a recent expansion into the US market.

After a comprehensive audit of their Shopify store and marketing efforts, we were able to boost conversions by nearly 500% and ramp up revenues by 200%. 

Here’s how…


Vilacto Bio, Inc. is a Scandinavian manufacturer of award-winning skincare products. They had just launched a new product in partnership with celebrity Carmen Electra, and made a push into the US market.

Yet their conversions stubbornly hovered around 1%, sales were sluggish, and revenues were flat.


After a thorough & comprehensive audit of their Shopify store, analytics, and current marketing efforts, we were able to implement more than a dozen on-store CRO (“Conversion Rate Optimization”) improvements and adjustments addressing purchase flow and checkout, social proof, product pages, and app installs.

We installed & monitored a session recorder and post-purchase survey app to identify further areas of friction and missed opportunities, as well as potential areas for boosting AOV (Average Order Value). 

We then produced and implemented a list of growth opportunities including: initiating an ‘ambassador’ affiliate program; creating improved email marketing copy & campaigns; producing a high-impact, high-value lead magnet; refocusing their social media marketing; and boosting organic traffic through aggressive SEO.

The net result: conversions soared to 4.8%, organic traffic grew by 50%, AOV improved, and gross sales doubled to more than $200k/month.


  • Comprehensive audit & optimization including store theme, performance, and apps
  • Analytics and session recording (‘heatmap’) analysis
  • Buyer feedback analysis through post-purchase surveys
  • A/B testing of product pages & ads
  • Development of new email marketing campaigns & copy
  • Development of new social media promotions
  • SEO audit & optimizations
  • High-value lead magnet creation
  • Affiliate & referral program implementation
“Outstanding results!”

“Michael and his team at Analogy Marketing have been game-changers for us, far exceeding our expectations. We weren’t getting good conversions and were having a difficult time getting past a break-even on our efforts.

After looking over our online operations and our many different marketing efforts, Michael put together a detailed plan for us and began putting it in action. In just a short time we were able to see positive results, and the improvements grew month after month.

Engaging Analogy Marketing was an excellent decision for us!”

Gert Anderson
CEO, Vilacto Bio, Inc.

DISCLAIMER: The figures above are from a specific client engagement. While we are really good at what we do, these results are not necessarily typical. We’re using them for illustration purposes only. While we were able to achieve these excellent results for this client, we aren’t implying you’ll duplicate them. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including but not limited to your products, your market, your competition, and the resources & expertise applied. All business success requires effective and consistent effort and action, and entails risk. If you’re not willing to accept that, please consider finding a different agency.