Analogy Marketing is a Shopify Partner Marketing Agency.

We are ecommerce marketing experts with more than a decade experience, focused exclusively on generating more traffic, sales, and profits for your Shopify store.

In that time we’ve worked with over 100 successful Shopify & Shopify Plus stores. This has given us unique insight into what works and what doesn’t, and the ability to “cross-polinate” current best practices for our clients.

We are obsessed with achieving excellent, demonstrable results, quickly and sustainably. Achieving improved results for Shopify stores is all we do.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

We cherish our clients and put everything we have into their success.
Barrett Robinson

Barrett Robinson

Men's Jewelry

"These guys really know their stuff and Michael is probably the most knowledgable person about ecommerce that I have ever met! I wish we'd found you sooner, but I'm thrilled with what you've done for us!"

Patty Erskine

Patty Erskine

Beauty & Cosmetics

"Covid nearly did us in. In a hail-Mary attempt to recover we hired Analogy Marketing; it was one of our best decisions. They've exceeded my expectations: sales have recovered and passed pre-Covid levels."

Barrett Robinson

Albert Hoey

Consumer Electronics

"Michael and his team created an affiliate program for us that has added almost 35% to our YTD gross sales. They've become more trusted partner than hired agency."

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