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Conversion Optimization

There are two ways to increase sales - get more traffic, or convert more of the traffic you get. Conversion optimization (CRO) generates more sales from your traffic.

Before you spend too much time, money, and effort driving more traffic to your store, you’ll want to insure you are able to take best advantage of that traffic. This should be one of your top priorities.

We have the expertise to provide a full range of conversion optimization services and can work within any budget to maximize your sales.


SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) is the process of getting a website to rank well in the search engines – at or near the top of Page 1 - when people search online for what you sell.

It requires keyword & competition research, website optimization, and a process of finding & building strong, quality ‘backlinks’.

We do the research, thoroughly optimize your site, and implement a robust link-building campaign that will push you further & further up in the search engine rankings.

Social Media

Social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. – is increasingly the hub of people’s social & work lives, with increasing influence over their actions and behaviors.

Effective Social Media marketing requires reaching ‘influencers’ and their audiences with relevant, engaging, fresh content on the right platforms.

We can produce the right content, across different formats & platforms, reach influencers, and generate the awareness & engagement that will directly impact your bottom line.

Affiliate Programs

Effective affiliate programs are a high-impact, low-cost 'force multiplier' that drives new sales and new customer acquisitions.

The three components required are the setup of an affiliate program (platform and/or affiliate network), identifying & recruiting affiliates, and affiliate promotion & support.

Whether you are first considering launching an affiliate program or already have one underway, we have the experience and expertise to insure a profitable, high-performance affiliate program with little or no impact on your time or manpower.


With deep expertise and over 10 years experience helping ecommerce businesses grow, we can provide actionable advice and support on best practices for boosting sales, market share, and conversions.

As a trusted partner for nearly 100 ecommerce businesses, we bring to the table up-to-the-minute expertise in the technology, trends, whats working and what isn't, and the strategies & tactics that are growing businesses today.

Whether you just need advice, or a strategic partner, we are a resource you can rely on.

shopify partner agency


Analogy Marketing is a Shopify Partner Marketing Agency.

We are ecommerce marketing experts focused exclusively on generating more traffic, sales, and profits for your Shopify store.

We are obsessed with achieving excellent, demonstrable results, quickly and sustainably.

Achieving results for Shopify stores is all we do.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

We cherish our clients and put everything we have into their success.
Barrett Robinson

Barrett Robinson

Men's Jewelry

"These guys really know their stuff and Michael is probably the most knowledgable person about ecommerce that I have ever met! I wish we'd found you sooner, but I'm thrilled with what you've done for us!"

Patty Erskine

Patty Erskine

Beauty & Cosmetics

"After slower-than-expected growth, we hired Analogy Marketing; it was one of our best moves. They far exceeded our expectations. Our traffic keeps increasing, our sales have more than doubled in just 6 months!"

Barrett Robinson

Albert Hoey

Consumer Electronics

"I was skeptical at first, but Michael and his team managed to get us to Page 1 in Google for many of our products, and this was against some very entrenched and better-funded competition!"

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