We’ve been able to generate some really good results for improving the performance of Shopify stores using ChatGPT.

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Here is one of many prompts we’ve iterated that you can use for your Shopify store to brainstorm & improve ROAS (and it’s not really limited to Shopify). Just substitute in your niche or industry.

I’ll list the prompt, and then paste in output we generated while using it for one of our stores.

After the output, I’ll add some additional notes you may want to consider.



PROMPT: “Develop 10 creative ad campaigns to increase ROAS for a Shopify store in the pet art industry. Please give explicit examples, and provide references.”




  1. “Pet Masterpiece Collection”
  • Description:Create a social media campaign that presents pet art as masterpieces similar to famous works like Mona Lisa or The Starry Night but with pets as the subject.
  • Ad Copy:“Give your pet the masterpiece treatment they deserve! Turn your furry friend into a work of art today!”
  • Reference:This campaign is inspired by the trending practice of turning photos into artistic masterpieces, as seen with Prisma app.
  1. “Pet Art Throwback Thursdays”
  • Description:Every Thursday, showcase customer-submitted before and after photos featuring their pet and the art piece they ordered.
  • Ad Copy:“It’s Throwback Thursday! Check out our customer stories, and create timeless memories with our pet art services.”
  • Reference:Throwback Thursdays (TBT) is a popular social media trend, and using it can help connect with the audience.
  1. “Share the Love, Refer a Friend”
  • Description:Initiate a referral program where customers get a discount on their next order if they refer a friend who makes a purchase.
  • Ad Copy:“Share the love of art with your friends and enjoy discounts on your next pet masterpiece!”
  • Reference:Referral programs, like Dropbox’s “Give and Get” program, are a proven marketing strategy.
  1. “Customize Your World with Pet Art”
  • Description:Showcase different products featuring pet art, such as custom mugs, phone cases, tote bags, etc.
  • Ad Copy:“Let your pet’s charm follow you everywhere! Customize your world with our personalized pet art products.”
  • Reference:Personalization trend is on the rise as seen in many ecommerce stores like Zazzle and Printful.
  1. “Pets Got Talent: Art Edition”
  • Description:Launch a pet talent competition where customers share photos or videos of their pet’s unique abilities, with the best entries winning a custom art piece.
  • Ad Copy:“Your pet’s got talent, and we want to see it! Enter to win a personalized pet art piece.”
  • Reference:User-generated content contests, like Starbucks’ “Red Cup Contest,” engage customers and encourage participation.
  1. “Furry Friends Charity Drive”
  • Description:Partner with a local animal charity. For every order, a portion goes to the charity, and the campaign is promoted on all platforms.
  • Ad Copy:“Shop with a purpose! Every pet portrait supports local animal charities.”
  • Reference:Cause marketing campaigns, like TOMS’ “One for One,” have been successful in creating a positive brand image.
  1. “Pet Art – Artisan Spotlight”
  • Description:Run a series highlighting the artists behind the pet portraits, their process, and stories about the pets they’ve drawn.
  • Ad Copy:“Meet our talented artists behind your pet’s portraits! Discover the passion and talent that goes into every stroke.”
  • Reference:Showcasing creators and their process has been successful for brands like Etsy.
  1. “Capture the Seasons: Pet Art Edition”
  • Description:Seasonal campaign offering themed pet art (like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc.).
  • Ad Copy:“Capture the seasons with our festive pet art! Give your pet portrait a seasonal twist!”
  • Reference:Seasonal campaigns are a successful strategy to increase customer engagement as demonstrated by Starbucks’ seasonal drinks.
  1. “Pet Art: Limited Edition Series”
  • Description:Launch limited edition pet art series with exclusive designs or styles, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  • Ad Copy:“Introducing our limited-edition pet art series! Act fast and give your pet a unique, exclusive masterpiece!”
  • Reference:Limited edition product offerings have proven to be effective in creating urgency and boosting sales, as seen with many luxury brands.
  1. “Pet Memorials: Forever in Art”
  • Description:Offer a sensitive, heartwarming campaign focusing on creating memorial art for pets that have passed away, honoring their memory.
  • Ad Copy:“Keep their memory alive. Celebrate your beloved pet’s life with our special memorial pet art.”
  • Reference:Offering services that emotionally connect with the audience can help build long-term customer relationships. This can be seen with memorial product offerings in the pet industry.

Remember, successful advertising campaigns are built on understanding your audience’s needs, preferences, and emotions. Each of these campaigns aims to engage and entertain potential customers, while simultaneously showcasing the value of the product.

Test different strategies, track your results, and iterate based on performance data to increase your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


The output above was generated using ChatGPT 4.0. The prompt works with ChatGPT 3.5, but we get better results with 4.0.

It’s also worth noting, re-running the prompt will usually give you similar-but-different results.

You can also experiment by further qualifying the prompt, for example starting it with “You are a Shopify marketing expert”, or specifying platforms e.g. “Develop 10 creative <Facebook/Instagram/etc> ad campaigns…”

For example, when we ran it specifying Facebook ads, we got specific ad copy, suggestions for creatives, targeting, and CTA’s.

Lastly, you can take this further by typing afterwards in the same session

qualifiers like “Please continue”, “Please expand on this”, etc., and even ‘Tweetify’ it with inputs like “Please make this into a tweet with 3 hashtags. Use appropriate emojis.”

SOURCE: I run a Shopify Partner marketing agency, with a number of our own ‘in-house’ stores. We’ve been experimenting with, and getting some great results, using ChatGPT; this prompt & info was published in our paid newsletter.



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